Liefertermin für Snowwear 20/21 ist September 2020

Meet the NEW urban adventurers, Leopard and Zebra

Our new Urban Funwear is soon to hit the streets. (Some of our eagle-eyed followers may have already spotted Sophie and Emma over on Instagram wearing the new Zebra and Leopard Urban Funwear. )  It is functional and fun like our Snow Funwear, but trendy and light-weight for day-to-day wear.

Over the summer, Leopard and Zebra are planning a round the world trip.


During these summer months we’d like to hand over our social channels to Leopard and Zebra’s adventures. This project is as much about inspiration for kids to get out and get active, as it is about what they are wearing.

It’s a project to connect our community of Funwearers and Funwear fans, showing off different ways to enjoy days out.  Giving our funwearers to opportunity to show off where they live, their nature and take us on a cultural trip.

So, have you got any adventurous days, weeks planned over the coming months?  Would you like to be featured on our channels? 
Zebra and Leopard want to go with you:

  • We are looking for kids aged 2-8 years old who love getting out and are always on the go and wouldn't mind transforming into Zebra or Leopard
  • Boardsports, cycling, hiking, sightseeing enthusiasts and cultural buffs have an advantage 😉
  • Share your adventures about freestyle outdoors, show us your local street art, take us to concerts, festivals, theatre activities, show us your dance moves, etc. 
  • This can be an adventure of 2-7 days between 1st June and 31st August

Each week we’ll schedule an Urban Funwearer to share about themselves, what they love about where they live and the things they get upto.   

Are you game?

The Urban Funwear will be a super exclusive range for the time being with just a couple of hundred made of each character and we’d love to have these few characters having an awesome time, making the most of childhood. 


We've had an overwhelming response and will be getting back to everyone by the 15th of May. 

We are so excited about a fun-filled summer with WeeDo Urban Funwear.



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