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New and Improved Gloves for 2019/20

BREAKING NEWS... Upgrade your Funwear Gloves!

The original Funwear gloves are good, but we knew we could do better! 

 Over the past season we've been experimenting with different glove designs.  Some of you loved the 2018/19 season's design with the velcro fastening and the short cuffs, but lots of parents wanted longer cuffs that can go over or under the sleeves of the Snow Funwear.

 So here's the new design:


The new and improved gloves keep the fun colours and quirky details matching our Snow Funwear.  

The reflective piping is still there, as are the cute details. (The reflective material is improved.  We found a better one that bounces back even more light!)

The gloves still clip onto the sleeves or clip together, so you there is less chance of loosing them.  (Most  parents know the pain of getting out the door in the mornings and hunting for gloves, don't they? Or your little one whipping them off mid-play and mum needing a third hand to hold them.) 

10K waterproofing and breathablilty  (5k) are vital features that we've kept!

The 2019/20 season's new gloves come with longer cuffs, as many of you have requested: we've removed the velcro tightening, extended the cuffs and added elastic to the upper and lower cuffs.  The new and improved design should still allow kids to have the freedom to take gloves off and on themselves, but parents can choose to tuck the gloves under the sleeves for our younger funwearers to stop them whipping off their gloves so easily.

You loved how warm the Funwear gloves were:  Well, we've changed up the insulation to a more environmentally friendly option, so they are just as warm but better for the planet. 

We've also added a slighly thicker, better gripping material- a honeycomb pleather- to the palm of the gloves, because we all know the use and abuse kids' gloves go through.  This should make them even more durable.

Is your little one a glove wearer or glove hater?   

Free Glove Upgrade

 In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are offering our existing Funwear customers the option of a free glove upgrade:

Here's what you need to do:

1) Download, print and fill in the Gloves Upgrade form: HERE

2) Measure your child's hand size - from the base of the palm at the wrist to the top of the tip of the middle finger.

3) Pop the old gloves and the completed form into package and post it to us by the 20th of May 2019 soon as we receive the gloves, we'll email you a code to order the new gloves in the size and design you like and you only pay for postage.



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