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    With this in mind, we chose our ambassadors based on their engagement with their community and how they are pushing the boundaries for fun, living life to the full, embracing the outdoors.

    ELLIOT (Czech Republic)

    Elliot and his fun-loving family upped sticks and travelled the world with this 3 year old. They visited 40 countries in a year, carrying only one suitcase. Now they're home for the winter, enjoying home mountains, shredding and mixing in lots of family fun.

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    FREJ & ELVIN (Sweden)

    Elvin is a 5 year old skier with Olympic aspirations and Frej is a 3 year old who really doesn't like the cold, but always finds the fun anyway. They are perfect ambassadors putting our Funwear to the test in temperatures as cold as -25C in Sweden, their home country.

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      HENRI (Germany)

      Henri and his yoga-instructor mum, Annika, are putting our Snow Funwear to the test not only on the slopes, but in day-to-day life on the nursery run, the playground and more.

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      These ladies are an inspiration for all aspiring snowboarders. Living in Colorado they take every opportunity to hit the slopes, go shredding, off-piste and weave among trees. Emma is 7 years old and Sophie is 5, they have been snowboarding for the past 3 years.

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      KAI (Canada)

      To the backdrop of stunning Alberta snowy landscapes, the 3 year old Kai and his parents enjoy all sort of athletic activity- be it running, biking or cross-country skiing. Their goal is to inspire families across the world to continue doing what they love to do while involving their little ones.

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      HUGO & MAX (Sweden/UK)

      These two boys are never still: They put our Funwear to the test day to day, at school, on frozen lakes, sledging hills and on skis and snowboards. You will find them sneaking outside at every opportunity to climb a snow heap or have a snowball fight.

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      Kathi, Lilo and their 4 kids are an inspirational bunch:  Lilo’s dad, Dieter, started snowboarding way back in the 1980s, when snowboarding was just catching on.  

      Since then a whole new generation has joined the snowboarding clan and they have amazing adventures on the snow.

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