WeeDo: sustainable, durable and grows with you


Unsere WeeDo Schneeanzüge sind nicht nur warm und funktional, sondern auch mit einer besonderen Superkraft ausgestattet: DER MITWACHSFUNKTION! Damit können eure Kinder nicht nur im Schnee spielen und Erinnerungen schaffen, sondern auch lange Zeit Freude an ihrem Schneeanzug haben. Unsere Schneeanzüge sind mit kleinen schwarzen, verstellbaren Power-Druckknöpfen in Ärmeln und Beinen ausgestattet. Durch Verstellen dieser Knöpfe könnt ihr den Anzug um bis zu 6 cm verlängern oder verkürzen.


Save money: Mom and Dad can really save money thanks to the grow-along function. A snowsuit for just one season would be expensive and short-lived. With WeeDo you can use the suit for longer. Keep your favorite piece: Once your child has fallen in love with their winter suit, they certainly won't want to replace it the very next year. The grow-with-your-child function allows you to wear your favorite piece for longer.

OUR TIP: If your child is between two sizes, choose the larger size. You can then shorten the legs or sleeves to ensure the perfect fit.

Superpower press studs

WeeDo is not just about undoing seams or rolling up a lot. Our superpower snaps give the snowsuit a special ability: you can either pass the suit on to younger siblings and make it shorter again, or sell it or donate it to other children. Everyone can adjust the length to suit their needs. That's really cool, isn't it?

And if something breaks - no problem! With our repair kit, small imperfections can be quickly repaired and the snowsuit will look tip-top again.


We know that the earth's resources are limited. That's why we at WeeDo rely on recycled materials. Our suits are not only made from recycled PET bottles - no, they are even made from old clothes. And we do this without any superpower, but with a lot of know-how and environmental awareness.

We want to give your children a great future on this earth. That's why we do everything we can to produce sustainable and durable clothing. Our grow-along function is another step in this direction. Sounds simple - and it is.

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