Kathi, Lilo and their 4 kids are an inspirational bunch: Lilo's dad, Dieter, started snowboarding way back in the 1980s, when snowboarding was just catching on.

Since then a whole new generation has joined the snowboarding clan and they have amazing adventures on the snow.

It's not uncommon to see three generations shredding the slopes together or hiking high up the Alps to find powder. Even the youngest member of the family, the 14 month old Stani, is finding his footings on a snowboard.

After following the adventures of the snowboarding family through Instagram and their YouTube channel , our team finally had the pleasure of meeting them personally in Alpendorf at the Family Freestyle Event. Their spirit and enthusiasm in real life impressed us so much that we invited them to be our newest WeeDo Funwear Ambassadors.

So please join us in welcoming the wonderful team of Hedi, Wally, Ferry and Stani to the WeeDo Shred team!

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