"I'm Antje. I'm a mother, seamstress, designer, manager and dreamer.
I'm constantly slipping into new roles. And you can say: My entire life consists of fantasy and transformation - paired with nothing but miraculous events and lots of fun.

With WeeDo I want to ensure a wild and happy future full of courageous quick-change artists! I am responsible for the design, production, branding and the team.

My favorite character is Lilido - she's so loud and brave."



"I'm Claudia and I love organizing and structuring - in the family and at work - from children's birthday parties to the process structure of a company.

At WeeDo I found an exciting challenge in a small power team. I take care of the management of the business processes from the processing of orders, storage and logistics to administration and customer service - and much more!

My favorite character is the tiger: he's powerful, elegant and fierce — right up my alley!"



"Hi, I'm Rina and this is our quota dachshund Frida! Antjes and my professional careers have crossed again and again for more than 10 years.

Today I give our brand a face - in pictures and language. When I'm not hanging out in the photo studio, in nature or in the cafés of Hamburg, I work from home, which Frida also thinks is great! No office in the world can top the first coffee in the morning in the garden with a laptop on your lap!

My favorite character is ZeeDo! The neon yellow inserts pop so beautifully - ZeeDo beats everyone!"



"My name is Cyrus. WeeDo suits me perfectly, because the proverbial child lives in me. That's why you usually see me skiing in a WeeDo BiGKiD.

I've been there from the first second and I love the WeeDo idea: not always taking yourself so seriously, playfully strengthening the children's imagination, the functionality and quality of the products, the team... oh, I'm one too, by the way Antje's husband.

I enjoy representing us at trade fairs and meetings and lend a hand where necessary.

My favorite style is Powdo because it promotes justice and environmental awareness."

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