Annika Mumme ( @mamamotionfitness ), sports therapist and yoga teacher from Bavaria says a lot! Read for yourself what she has to say about it :)

"You might think that children's yoga and snowboarding have absolutely nothing to do with each other - wrong! Both sports are, among other things, subject to prejudice. As little as children's yoga is girl stuff or the children just have to sit quietly and sing OHM, it is just as little possible to learn to snowboard in adolescence!

For us as a family, the focus is on spending as much free time as possible together and having as much fun as possible! We therefore enjoy sharing our passion for sports and doing our favorite sports together.

Children's yoga not only trains important coordination skills such as strength and balance, but they also learn to improve their self-confidence and, above all, their body awareness in a really great, playful way. Children do not train individual asanas (exercises) like the dog or the eagle, they ARE a dog or an eagle at this moment. Our snowboard days are very similar. Henri has a lot of fun being able to be a wild lion or dinosaur on the slopes, who let off steam and maybe even roar loudly from the lift. This makes it easier for the children to get involved in difficult situations and exercises. Sport is an adventure for children that is always experienced with all their senses, so we give them this opportunity.

Sometimes I don't know who is the better "teacher" among us? I, who can certainly explain the technically correct execution of the "yoga dog" or a "frontside curve" to Henri really well. Or is it my little Henri, who shows me again and again that what is really important is creativity and the joy of movement!”

Thank you dear Annika!

If you're interested in finding out more about Annika and Henry and their life with yoga and snowboarding, follow us on Instagram at @mamamotionfitness

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