Fast, easy and clean

No more complicated putting on and taking off of snow suits when you have to go fast!

No more dirty sleeves because the suit drags around on the toilet floor!

With our innovative toilet function, these problems will no longer be relevant!

Emergency toilet

If you have ever put your child in a snowsuit or worn one yourself, you are probably familiar with the following problem: you want to go to the toilet with your child quickly, but first you have to take off the entire suit and try somehow to prevent the sleeves from falling and the rest of the one-piece doesn't end up on the toilet floor. On top of that you hold your child over the toilet bowl and everything goes wrong or something like that.

It could all be so much easier if only there was a way to keep the suit on while relieving yourself...

The solution to the problem is closer than you think, with a simple zipper on the seat of the suit, any emergency situation on the toilet can be solved and, above all, avoids getting your clothes dirty. The zip does not completely divide the suit - the stomach insert holds the suit together in such a way that the zip can be closed again just as easily.

Our zips on the entire suit are waterproof - so no snow gets inside even when there are breaks on the slopes and it stays cozy!

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