Helmets are still not compulsory in all ski areas...

Cool? We say: not cool! Cool is the one who wears a helmet!

Not only do they give you a huge portion of security - they also look stylish! We don't have to mention that these things also keep you warm and offer a great hold for your ski goggles and ski mask. WeeDo Funwear snowsuits also have a helmet-compatible, adjustable hood. So every helmet fits under the snow suit.

So there are enough reasons to wear a helmet on the ski and snowboard slopes! And we don't know anyone who speaks against it!

You just can't get used to your helmet and it just bothers you? Then it was probably not the right one! Here is a brief overview of what is important when choosing a helmet:

  • he must not press
  • it mustn't slip (try it out, leave the chin strap open and bang your head properly! It stays in place? Congratulations! Then this is your helmet!) And best of all: the WeeDo Funwear snow suits have an elastic band - so the hood doesn't slip
  • put on gloves and try whether you can easily adjust the chin strap and headband with them! It shouldn't be any fiddling!
  • Put on your ski goggles! This should fit perfectly with your helmet - who wants cold snow and ice between goggles and helmet? Brrrr...
  • can you still hear well despite wearing a helmet? YEAAA?? HAAAALLLOOO!! Well then :) It works!

So, now nothing can go wrong when buying a helmet!

Already have one? Very good! How old is he? After 3 to 5 years you should definitely check whether it already has cracks. These can be dangerous! Take your used helmet to the dealer and have it checked out. You had an accident with your helmet? Then let's go - a new one is needed!

And so that the choice doesn't get too difficult, we suggest you drop by our friends at TSG! They make helmets by boarders for boarders! It doesn't get any cooler!

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