The next ski vacation is already in the starting blocks and it's time to finally give your new ski outfits free rein? Of course! We're all for it too. Which of our snowsuits has become your favorite for your winter vacation? In case you're still in the middle of planning, we have two helpful topics for you today. Firstly, our founder Antje recently chatted with the guys from Papalapapp and recorded a great podcast in which you can find out everything you need to know about planning, costs, accommodation and other aspects of your ski vacation. Antje is joined by another real winter pro, ski instructor Marius Quast .Addendum 1.4.22: The tips from Nila do Simon in CNTravelermagazine are also highly recommended: 12 Family Ski Trip Essentials, according to parents who love to Ski

This is what your kids need for the slopes

Ski helmet (can also be rented in all ski areas if necessary - by the way, our favorite are the kids' helmets from TSG)

Ski goggles (for bad weather or in general)



Ski underwear

Ski socks

Thin sweater or a Fleece jacket

Balaclava (for bad weather)


Multifunctional cloth (e.g. from Had or Buff)


Fat cream

Ski socks: Toes and fingertips first. They get cold quickly and children are not like adults and just get through it. They shouldn't! You should feel comfortable and ski socks are a not entirely unimportant part. What's important is the right socks and of course the right ski or snowboard boots. Children should not wear socks that are too thick, but should wear socks that keep them warm, provide support (especially in the shin area) and allow freedom of movement for their toes.

A thin sweater: If you have a small heater in your house, you are in principle well-positioned with good ski underwear and our snowsuits. If an intermediate layer for the freezers below us is a must, then a thin sweater or hoodie is recommended. Look for natural materials that breathe!

Balaclava: A balaclava is a nice-to-have for ice-cold days on the slopes when the wind is really whistling around your ears. And us parents actually feel more like apres ski all day long, but our children can't get enough of the slopes. It's thin and keeps the wind from blowing everywhere.

Multifunctional scarf/slip scarf or hat: The smaller the child, the more suitable a combination of scarf and Cap. Once pulled over the head, the ears and neck are directly protected and little noses cannot tear the stuff off themselves - good balaclavas usually fit elastic beanies also in such a way that small children do not find them disturbing. A multifunctional cloth is a good option for older children, these cloths work for everything at any time. No matter whether it's a scarf, hair tie or headband. They are now available in so many colors, designs and fabrics that everyone can find what they are looking for - and they last for many years!

Ski helmet: In many countries it is now compulsory to wear a helmet, especially for children - but either way, riding with a helmet is the order of the day to protect the head from injuries. It is important that the helmet fits well! Not too tight and of course not too loose. By the way, there are also back protectors - even for children.

Ski goggles: In bad weather, the glasses protect you and also ensure slightly better vision. UV protection is particularly essential for children's eyes on the slopes and the radiation is significantly stronger due to the light snow.

Snowsuit: Snowsuits are a dime a dozen, but the ones that are well thought out will prevail on the slopes. Which don't end up in ski boot juice in the toilet. That keep you warm. Have the pockets where you need them. You can also pull the hat over your helmet. That grow with you. Which have an extra layer in potential places where the children are the first to get cold when sitting or kneeling in the snow. And of course they look as great as ours.

Gloves: Our favorite: mittens, as you can see from our own creation. Why? Because all fingers are kept warm together in one “room” and can be moved. This means that little children's fingers stay warm longer and they can suck on the glove for longer. And of course: we have placed our mega clip directly on the suit to prevent you from losing individual gloves.

Ski underwear: The Onion Prince is the best idea for the slopes - and not just for our children. The right ski underwear ensures that our children neither sweat nor freeze on the slopes. Because it warms when it needs to and cools when it should. Good ski underwear in the form of Thermal shirts wicks moisture away from the body, so our children always stay dry - and warm. Especially in ski courses, there is sometimes waiting and, in the worst case scenario, freezing.

Suncream: We don't actually have to explain, sunscreen is not only standard equipment on the beach, but also on white, snow-covered glacier peaks. The sun burns really well here and is also reflected by the snow. Protect your skin and that of your children with a good sunscreen (also available in sustainable form, for example from ....)

Fat cream: The best investment for small children against red cheeks and dry lips: the fat cream (and a Labello), we swear by it Wind and weather balm from Weleda. Is natural, tolerates all skin and ensures that baby's cheeks remain soft and supple - regardless of wind and weather.

And now: have fun!


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