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When SWEET SPOT magazine asked us to take a close look at Antje's founding story, we felt it was a great opportunity to show female empowerment!

"SWEET SPOT is a magazine that focuses on authentic behind-the-scenes stories of ambitious entrepreneurs who tell their founding story in a raw, unpolished and unmodified way and thus answer the most frequently asked question "How did you do that?" get to the bottom." (Sweet Spot, 2017,

"I was really afraid that I would miscalculate."... Why it was like that for Antje when founding WeeDo Funwear, how the idea of ​​WeeDo Funwear came about and what hurdles Antje had to overcome on the way to the first collection In an interview with SWEET SPOT magazine, Antje explains what frightened her and why the first phase of the foundation is the decisive one!

Read for yourself !

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