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We can call ourselves the proud winners of the "GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS" in the category "Excellent Product Design"!

This was decided by a top-class international jury. For them, our product - the snow suit - has an excellent design and is therefore not only innovative but also unique and groundbreaking. We thank the jury for that!

But what does design mean to us?

Antje, our designer and founder, went into exile in the country for a few days to design a new product line. This is a good opportunity to query them directly from the think tank:

Antje, what does design mean to you?

"Let's start with how I understand the process behind it:

In the beginning there is inspiration. These are the impressions and experiences that we experience every day. When these are processed, creativity arises, a fantastic energy. Creativity drives us all to be creative in many different ways.

For me, a design is art that has a practical value, a benefit. Design has to work. And for as many people as possible. I have to check my design again and again and ask myself: How does the environment affect my design? Where is it used? How and by whom is it used? What do I want to move with my design?”

That also means you want to trigger emotions? What exactly is your mission?

“A cheerful and bold design can inspire one to experience strength and confidence. It can motivate you to be optimistic. And that is exactly what I see as my design task with my art.”

What are you inspired by?

“When it comes to colors, shapes and sounds, I have a clear preference: I am inspired by combinations of smells and colors that nature produces, such as spices or a walk in the forest or on the beach.

Observing animals, for example, inspires me to give them certain character traits. When my husband talks about quantum physics, what I hear inspires me that anything is possible if you just believe in it. A look at the starry sky or from a mountain top inspires me to feel very tiny and yet so connected to everything. Funky music inspires me to dance. Street art to be allowed to be striking and challenging.

Children inspire me to be honest and authentic. I love it when children discover nature. The amazement and the joy of movement that they show motivate me to look to the future with optimism.

So my design is totally selfish in the end (laughs): I create my own favorite inspiration!”

Antje Risau, founder and designer of WeeDo Funwear

Antje Risau - Founder and Designer of WeeDo Funwear

And how do you manage that your design actually works in the end?

“On the one hand, we owe the fact that we were able to win the GDA to these wonderful influences, which enable us to be creative. It is therefore important to protect them in the first place. However, in order to be able to recognize a working design, it requires not only the designer, but also a supply chain up to the product that understands the design and its mission, lives and feels it.

And that is our team , which believes together with me, works and turns the design into a functioning product. Together with our freelancers, we are a great colorful bunch of street artists, roll-up sleeves, lovers of detail, communication artists and number pushers. Therefore, as befits a real award speech, I would like to thank everyone who is working with me on my vision. And last but not least, our customers, who confirm to us every day that it is the right vision that we are devoting ourselves to!”


You can find our award from the German Design Awards here .
GDA Winner Product Design: Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leasure

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