From plastic bottles to snow suits – this is how fashion becomes sustainable

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From plastic bottles to snow suits – this is how fashion becomes sustainable

Production conditions, raw materials used, fair wages for workers - in the 21st century, sustainability is no longer a keyword, but a maxim. While long-established companies strive to overhaul old processes, sustainability is one of the most important cornerstones of the concept for innovative startups. Young companies like WeeDo funwear show how entrepreneurship works fairly, sustainably and profitably.

WeeDo produces functional clothing that is fun and at the same time withstands the special requirements of winter sports and outdoor activities. “I only want to create valuable products, every single building block should be carefully thought out and selected. This is how you create a product that lasts a long time,” says founder Antje Risau about the company’s approach. With sustainable textile raw materials, WeeDo shows what a fashion brand of tomorrow will look like.

The company's own sustainability concept “WeeCare”, for example, is based on the 3-R principle of the circular economy (“Reuse - Reduce - Recycle”). The program includes, among other things, a return program for used clothing, including an integrated second-hand shop on the website. Another core area of ​​the concept is sustainability in the manufacture of the garments. Attention is not only paid to fair wages for workers along the entire value chain, the company from Hamburg goes one step further: WeeDo manufactures its collections from robust materials with care and attention, and the company only works with certified manufacturers, the Solar - and use water energy. The company has all these components certified:

One of WeeDo's suppliers is REPREVE® , the global leader in textile fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. As of April 2022, fibers for the polymers that are also used in WeeDo's new BIKE & HIKE collection were obtained from over 32 billion plastic bottles that would otherwise have been incinerated in landfills. Recycled textiles protect our fossil resources and reduce waste - GRS-certified textiles are therefore significantly better for the environment. WeeDo not only brings wind into the fashion industry with modern design, but also with the latest technology.


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