Warm WeeDo sleeping bags for children in the disaster area in Syria

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Warm WeeDo sleeping bags for children in the disaster area in Syria

WeeDo donates WINDY sleeping bag vests to children in the war and earthquake zones in Syria

On March 1, 2023, another truck with relief supplies left the “Der Hafen Hilft” warehouse on Schnackenburgsallee in Hamburg. This time there were boxes full of warm sleeping bags for children from WeeDo funwear.

When we saw the many terrible pictures of the destruction in the earthquake areas in Turkey and Syria, it was immediately clear to us that we had to help. So many families without a roof over their heads and dry ground under their feet - children in camps, children without a home. We imagined how a small warm sleeping bag could help in an emergency!

After a few phone calls, we received confirmation from the association "Freie Deutsch-Syrische Gesellschaft eV in Hamburg" that they would be happy to transport our children's sleeping bags to Edlib in northern Syria and distribute them directly to children in need, in schools, hospitals and camps via aid organizations .

The German-Syrian association is well organised, cooperating with “Der Hafen Help” in Hamburg to collect donations and with organizations such as Al-Rahma and Weißhelme in Edleb.

It was very important to us that our donations in kind actually arrive and can be used immediately! The truck reached its destination in just 5 days. At the border with Syria (Babelhawa border crossing), the relief supplies were loaded onto Syrian trucks and taken to Edleb. There, the local aid organizations took over the distribution of the sleeping bags to schools, ambulances, hospitals and needy families with children.

We very much hope that we were able to bring colour, joy and warmth to the children in Syria with our brightly colored sleeping bags with a hood and feelers.

We thank the association Free German-Syrian Society in Hamburg and especially Dr. Hassan Ied for his active support in the organization, logistics and distribution of our sleeping bag donation!

We would also like to thank the Brands Logistics team in Buchholz for their commitment to packing and loading!

And good news at the end: Since the willingness to donate and help is still very high, the association is now planning its fourth transport with additional medical equipment and also decommissioned ambulances and other vehicles from the fire brigade.

Information on support and donations can be found on the association's website:,

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