It was almost half a year ago that Antje - founder of WeeDo - wanted to bring her fashion label to men (or women) in "The Lions' Den". That was in October 2019. A lot has happened since then, WeeDo has grown a lot, the small collection has now become a big family! In her interview, she tells you what it was like for Antje back then:


What was it like when you were accepted to appear on the show?

I applied to Sony Pictures with WeeDo Funwear for Lion's Den and thought I had passed the application deadline. So I wasn't expecting anything.
The next day the invitation to the casting came.

During the casting, the kids were tired of the long wait and that was totally terrible - nothing I had thought of worked out. Somehow it all didn't seem to be going well.

They actually got in touch in January. WeeDo was scheduled to be recorded on “The Lion’s Den.” But: end of January! That was impossible for me as a small label. After all, the end of January is trade fair time. So I had to cancel and thought: That's it for good!

At the end of February I finished it myself. So I planned the rest of the year for WeeDo and bang, the phone rang... asking if I could come to the recording that week.

I had to get all the samples that had already been sent back as quickly as possible and therefore didn't have time to even prepare a pitch. This had to happen on the way to the recording. And only then was I able to think about things like: “What do I actually want and do I really want that?”

The following day there was a dress rehearsal at 7 a.m. and I completely messed it up. I was so excited that at the end I even forgot that it was really about everything. I walked through the door and presto, there were the investors.

Did you ever have any doubts during your performance that it wouldn't work? Or were you convinced that it would work!

Before, I actually thought that everyone would definitely get out, no one would want to invest in textiles. In a niche product, after all, there is already so much out there. Still, I was disappointed with every single person who was out. But I wasn't allowed to show it and actually I didn't want to be one.
When things finally worked out with Georg, I was really happy, yay, I'm getting support, I can get started. And then the feeling of exhilaration set in.

What advice would you give to founders?

I would tell them that they should always stick to their vision and at most make adjustments and not get discouraged! There is always a way.

AND NOW? What has happened since the pitch for “The Lions’ Den”? See for yourself! There are only new characters with themsnowsuitsJoined us, there is even a completely new product line in the starting blocks! From the end of September you can get to know our softshell suits for the first time! First in 2 different styles.


PS In the pictures you can see exclusive excerpts from the public viewing of our appearance at "The Lions' Den"!


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